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The company

Yoolab is a young Spanish company (2008) built on more than 20 years' experience in the IT world on the part of its founders, who have been following the Internet since its commercial origins in the early 1990s and who feel the same enthusiasm today, witnessing the latest developments.

Yoolab operates in the world of ICT, developing software mainly for web and mobile platforms. Its clients include multinational companies and customers in Spain, Italy and France

What we do

Customer relations

Yoolab can help in different ways: taking charge of all aspects of a project (functional analysis, project management, development, online launch, maintenance, etc.), working exclusively on just some of these aspects, developing the bigger parts of the project, integrating with other teams located in different countries (distributed teams), carrying out “project disaster recovery”.


Yoolab works as a technological partner and advisor for the customer and not as a software vendor. We believe that this type of relationship is more transparent and advantageous for the customer: the fact that Yoolab is not linked to any specific software (either its own or that of third parties) and, at the same time, that Yoolab has extensive experience working with all kinds of software and platforms, enables it to choose the best technological solutions for its customers, without tying the customer down to its own products. Even if it is customary to divide up software platforms by "theme" (CMS, CRM, e-commerce, etc.), every customer is unique, each project is different and our aim is simply to personalize and create the best solution for each customer

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Our team

In our team we have all the necessary profiles to make your project :

  • Acc. Exec
  • Client Director
  • CTO
  • Head of UI Design
  • Designer / Creative
  • CCO/QA Mgr
  • Scrum Master / Consultant
  • Developer
  • Test Engineering
  • Social Network Manager
  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • Copy / Content Manager

Alessandro Pioppi

Eduard Deza

Martino Piccinato

Juanjo Cordero

Ignacio Peinado

Antonio Martín

Eduard Janué

Vanessa Junqué

Adrián Caballero

Projects in co-participation {ict}

Our Works

Banca Popolare Etica s.p.a.

Celtic Consulting

Tecnocasa Franchising Network

Kíron Franchising Network

Vagabondo Viaggi

Have A Sync


Enterprise Solutions s.r.l.

Cryologica Team

Bixio Cemsa

Cinevox Records




Shackleton Group: Agencia de Publicidad Creativa

Contact us

International presence: Barcelone (Spain), Pescara (Italy)

  • Barcelone HQ
  • Sede Social: C/Paris 45, ent. 3, 08029 Barcelona
  • Sede Operativa: C/Paris 43bis, 08029 Barcelona
  • Pescara
  • Phone: +39 335 801 5958